Artist / Sculptor / Storyteller

Brad Rude


I am a storyteller. I portray animals in situations that mimic our own lives. The animals are a stand in for us. I most often explore ideas about movement. I see movement as the foundation for the Journey of Life. I use analogies and metaphors to help viewers identify with the various animal characters and see themselves, perhaps saying, I've been there before or I wish I could do that. I also choose non-animal images to help compose my stories. Wheels, rocks, sticks, and towers are often used because they are familiar, and known throughout the world, and do not get stuck in a specific culture or time period. These universal images, combined with animal images, keep the work timeless and relevant to future generations. Art in public spaces must interact with such a diverse group of people, and therefore demands that the artist create the most accessible piece possible. My sculptures are positive and hopeful and enjoyed by people of all ages.

— Brad Rude

Bronze Sculpture

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