Islandwood Islandwood

Brad working on the patina for The Great Beyond which was installed at IslandWood School, Bainbridge Island, Washington in 2004.

Brad Rude

Navigators Installation

Navigators Installation

(Christopher Anderson / The Spokesman-Review)

Walla Walla artist, Brad Rude, works with a crane to install his piece entitled The Navigators on the front plaza of the MAC on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009. Scott and Betty Lukins and their family gave the piece as a gift to the Museum of Arts and Culture.

The Navigators

In the Studio - The Navigators

Brad is creating the clay original of the deer for the Navigators sculpture at the Museum of Arts & Culture in Spokane, WA. He sculpts the forms and inscribes the surfaces with textures and designs. The clay original is then molded and cast in bronze.

The Outpost

In the Studio - The Outpost In the Studio - The Outpost

After welding this new bronze, Brad is tooling The Outpost. Next he will sandblast, paint, patina and wax this sculpture.